The 2018 Summer Intensive is coming up soon for our grad students, and they can look forward to some excellent classes this session. If you're in the Walla Walla area, Expect to see our students on campus the last week of August and first week of September.

Community Members: Come meet our students, and hear from guest speaker Kyle Portbury, the Director of the Tell the World film. Kyle's presentation will be 3 p.m. on Sabbath, September 1 at the College Place Village Church.

New students will take the famous Christian Mission class from Paul Dybdahl, a favorite from our past cohort. They'll also have a graduate seminar with our beloved Program Director, Lynelle Ellis.

Graduating students will finish up their degrees with a class in the power of narrative story telling from theologian Dave Thomas, and an Editing and Post Production course with expert filmmaker Jerry Hartman.

Thanks for supporting our students!