Our summer intensive starts Sunday evening, June 16, with a welcome picnic. Are you ready? For the next two weeks, life will be busy if you’re a current program student. You’ll run from class to class, and cram special events into your few minutes of free time. But you’ll also have a blast connecting with your awesome fellow students. Check out the schedules below to see what our 2019 summer intensive has in store.

For newly enrolled students

If you’ve just joined the program this year, and this is your first intensive, you’re part of the 2019 cohort. Keep the 2019 cohort schedule handy so you’ll always know what’s next. Make sure to connect with the 2018 cohort during social times!

For students in their second intensive

If you joined the program back in summer of 2018, and you’ve been in classes for a year, you’ll want to hang on to the 2018 cohort schedule so you can kick off your second-year with your great new intensive courses. Be sure to meet the 2019 cohort whenever you get a chance, and welcome our newest students to the program!