So you think you might be called to pursue a master’s degree in cinema, religion, and worldview (CR&W). But maybe you’re still wondering: how will this help my career? We’ve chatted with a few of our former students to help you out. Here are four things that CR&W graduates say helped their careers.  


Discover New Opportunities
Right now, our university is collaborating on an international documentary project with Hope Media Europe. The project is connecting current CR&W students, and program alumni with people around the world who are producing new, relevant Adventist films. Graduates from our program are uniquely qualified to make films for positive change, and they have connections who want to do the same.


Upgrade Your Skills
Technology is a fast-changing field. If you work in film, or have a media ministry, it takes work to keep your knowledge up-to-date. The CR&W program is a great way to explore cutting-edge storytelling methods. You’ll learn about VR filmmaking, web ministry, and cross media storytelling, in addition to more established film techniques.


Sharpen Your Resume
Some jobs require a master’s degree to apply. Others look for advanced degrees for pay raises or leadership opportunities. A grad degree is more than just letters after your name, of course. But in today’s competitive job market, letters can help you to stand out.


See the Big Picture
This degree teaches more than surface-level skills. It prepares you to examine a story through your audience’s eyes. After thinking so intentionally about your stories, you’ll have a deeper grasp of the purpose of your projects, and you’ll be better prepared to lead.

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Our Program
The master of arts in cinema, religion, and worldview is designed for filmmakers, pastors, and communicators who feel called to tell stories that create change. Students in our two-year hybrid program spend two weeks each summer in on-campus intensives, and the remaining time learning online, so you can continue to earn while you learn. Check out our student films, and view our program curriculum to learn more. Apply now for the summer 2019 cohort and we’ll waive your application fee.