So you’re a pastor, and you want to do something new in for God. Can a degree in cinema, religion, and worldview (CR&W) help your ministry? We believe it can. Here are four ways that our CR&W program connects your gospel ministry to our media-centered world.


1. Skills to Connect with Today’s Audiences

Whether you feel called to reach cross-cultural audiences, or post-modern young adults, classes like “media, culture, and worldview” and “Christian mission” will uniquely prepare you to evaluate and understand your audience, and to craft the right story. All people will hear is the good news. 


2. A Support Network that Shares Your Passion

The teachers and guest presenters in our CR&W program are experts in their fields, from filmmaking and communication research to multicultural gospel communication and theology. They’re even available for one-on-one mentoring.  

And your classmates are a support network you can connect with, even after you graduate. You’ll have brothers and sisters who share your ministry passion, and want to collaborate with you.


3. Relevant Evangelistic Techniques

If film is the future, then the future has already arrived. To reach people today, our program will teach you the language of film. From hands-on film production classes like “script to screen” to “redemptive cinema” a study of uplifting, successful films we’ll prepare you to share the gospel with a media-literate world.


4. A Bridge Between Theology and On-Screen Storytelling

The CR&W program is interdisciplinary: it’s shared between the communications department, and the school of theology. You’ll learn from experts in both departments.

Whether you want to reach people who aren’t ready to visit a church, or to inject new life into an existing congregation, this program’s focus on the intersection of cinematic storytelling, cultural perspectives, and Biblical theology will uniquely equip you for your journey into the media mission field.

Our Program
The master of arts in cinema, religion, and worldview is designed for filmmakers, pastors, and communicators who feel called to tell stories that create change. Students in our two-year hybrid program spend two weeks each summer in on-campus intensives, and the remaining time learning online, so you can continue to earn while you learn. Check out our student films, and view our program curriculum to learn more. Apply now for the summer 2019 cohort and we’ll waive your application fee..

This article focuses on pastors as part of a three-article series. You can also read articles with insights for filmmakers, and communication professionals.