Center Produces Student-Directed TV Series In ISrael

By the Sea of Galilee: Scribner and Cinematographer Gary McLain compose a shot of Cosaert and his Bible.

Erik Edstrom, a WWU student, during the film production of The Way a modern retelling of Saul's redemption.

The Center for Media Ministry partnered with Dr. Carl Cosaert, WWU professor of Theology, to produce a six-episode TV series on the sites in Carl's famous Holy Land tour, and the gospel of Mark.

Grad student Rachel Scribner, from the Cinema, Religion, & Worldview program directed the project, and Cosaert created and hosted the series.

Click over the news page to see Rachel's blog posts on the adventure.



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“In most peoples’ minds, there is an apparent dichotomy between religion and movies, pastors and filmmakers. But I believe that this dichotomy does not exist. In a movie, the story, the drama, the music all blend together to create the most powerful culture-changing weapon of our time.”
—Joel Sutherland

This video was made back in 2016, when our program was brand-new. We've almost finished our first cohort, since then. Look at where we started!